Beyond a Cup of Coffee

Look around carefully. The story is about to begin.   Slurp… The coffee tastes bitter, but she drank it anyway. Mama loves coffee so much, so it must be delicious. “I love coffee t…

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The World She Lives In

She lives in the world where the aliens are little, green and ugly. All of them look the same. Bip bip bip, that’s how they sound. Nope, there’s no other possibility. That’s just …

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Wake Up, Sleepy!

Photograph, Illustration, Story.

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She has everything, even a little planet. She should be happy. And yes, she is happy. But sometimes she wonders what would it feels to live somewhere out there. Yet, she doesn’t have the cour…

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Musha musha musha musharoom. The mushroom field was covered with magic spell. The little fairies could not fly or spell their magic words there.   Oh, what should Twinkle do. She need a new mu…

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The real treasure